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Sailfish Villas Guatemala

Private Beachfront Villa Accommodation for your group or family fishing in Guatemala

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Our group had a fantastic trip. Seamless from end to end : pick up at the airport, transfer to the villa……….outstanding fishing.

The villa was a great choice for our group. we only get together once a year or so and enjoy being together and catching up. The meals, service and facilities in the villa were first rate and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it if you are looking for a trip that offers peaceful relaxation after a great day out on the Pacific chasing (and catching) hoards of aggressive billfish

A.J. Rickard

Enjoy your Sailfishing Trip to Guatemala even more by staying in one of our Beachfront Luxury Villas

We know how it is………..tons of planning, lots of patience and co-ordination so that your family or friends can spend time together enjoying the incredible fishing that Guatemala has to offer.

Staying in the Sailfish Villas you have nothing to organize or worry about except enjoying the beauty of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. We have been operating fully inclusive fishing trips to Guatemala for twelve years – so you can be assured that we have all of wrinkles out by now !

The villas are located in the secure grounds of the Soleil Beach Resort and are directly on the beach. They offer 4 b/rooms – each with two queen beds, 4 bathrooms, fully stocked bar, private swimming pool and the services of a private chef, waitress and maid. We only put one group (or family) in each villa so that you have privacy to reconnect with your companions.

Your fishing trip includes:

*  Airport pickup/dropoff in an airconditioned van

*  All transfers while fishing

*  Fishing on one of our 35ft Bertrams crewed with a Cap’n and two mates (at least one mate in the cockpit speaks English)

*  All meals, drinks (including alcoholic drinks)

*   Daily support from our English speaking team

Our Boats

We operate our own Bertram Sportfishers with a full-time crew. The boats are large enough to be comfortable in almost all seas and are fully equipped. The salon has a full length couch and two fullsize armchairs for lounging between the action and the large cockpit has plenty of space for four anglers even  when things get crazy !

The flybridge is an ideal place to capture great pictures or video of the action.

All of our boats carry premium conventional and fly tackle. They are stocked each day with fresh bait (for the fish), snacks (guest and crew……..) – and a case each of water, sodas and beer. Lunch is served on the boat.

Other Excursions

If you choose to take a layday from fishing or to extend your stay in Guatemala we are happy to arrange side trips for you to explore some of the sights and marvels that the country has to offer.

Our most popular day trip is to the colonial city of Antigua – about an hour’s drive from the coast – where you are safe to walk the cobble streets and explore the bars, restaurants, markets and sights of this fascinating old capital.

Longer trips to Atitlan, Chichi or Tikal can also be arranged.

About US

We are USA based business to all deposits and payments are made in USD and through a US Bank (Bank of America). This ensures your security and traceability of any monies.

Les and Carlos are based in Guatemala and handle all operations and logistics on the ground.

Carlos is Guatemalan but speaks English fluently (and pretty much without any accent at this stage !); he will meet or contact you each day to ensure that everything is meeting your expectations or if there is anything that you need.

We are US based but locally operated – so that you have the best of both worlds – safe financial transactions and full support from the owners directly while on the ground

Our Crews

We have full time local crews for our boats. We choose to operate with local crews as the billfishing is a collective effort. As all billfishing in Guatemala is catch & release there is no incentive to “hog the fishing” – so when boats see good conditions and concentrations of billfish they share the information quickly so that all boats see action and activity each day.

Your Safety

It goes without saying that your safety is our primary concern – whether on land or at sea.

Are staff are all experienced and will ensure that you are transported and arrive safely at your destination. When at sea, our boats are equipped with all USCG safety equipment and are in constant radio contact with the rest of the fleet and the marina.

We have been operating for 13 years in Guatemala and have yet to have any type of incident.


FREE Guatemala Fishing Guide

We highly recommend that you read our 40+ page eBook first. It is absolutely FREE and comes with NO OBLIGATION. 

Inside you will find lots of tips and insights gained from our eight seasons living and fishing in Guatemala. Sixteen Chapters covering all you will ever want to know - just a few examples :


• Tips on conventional AND fly-fishing
• What to expect, where to stay 
• Money and tipping 
• Side trips and excusions
• Travelling to, from and in Guatemala

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